A goal occurs when the whole ball passes completely over the goal line and should only be recorded if the signal for such has been given by the official.

Adding a goal will automatically add a shot on goal. That is one less stat for you to record!

Shot on Goal

If the opposing goalie makes a save, record a shot on goal. A shot that hits the pipe is not considered a Shot on Goal. Record a pipe shot as a missed shot.

Missed Shot

A shot is any attempt made by a player to score a goal. If the shot doesn’t go in the goal or the goalie doesn’t make a save, record a missed shot. A shot that hits the pipe should be recorded as a missed shot.


An assist is a play made by a player to a teammate who then scores a goal without having to evade excessive defensive pressure other than the goalkeeper. Only one assist per goal may be recorded. There needs to be a pass made and the receiving player must take a shot.

Ground Ball

A GB is recorded when a ball changes possession during live-ball play or when the ball hits the ground (due to check, drop, errant pass, or shot) and retrieval of the loose ball is directly contested (within a sticks length) by the opposing team.


This statistic is used to record an instance in which a player loses control of the ball to the other team or in some way performs an action to cause the team to lose possession of the ball.


A faceoff win is ONLY recorded for the person that takes the faceoff at midfield center x. A faceoff win is awarded when the official signals possession, usually with a circular arm motion. If a teammate other than the player taking the initial faceoff at ‘faceoff x’ scoops up a ground ball, the player that took the faceoff still gets the stat awarded. 


Boys HS
A team is able to move the ball from is defensive half into it’s own attacking restraining box

Girls HS
This team statistic is designed to demonstrate the ability of a team to take the ball from their defensive third to their offensive third.


A save is recorded each time a goalie stops a ball from going into the goal that, if was not stopped, might result in a goal for the opponent. A shot that hits the pipe is not recorded as a save for the goalie.

Goal Against

Record this when the other team scores. Hey, it happens!

Caused Turnover

This statistic is defensive-minded and is designed to give a player credit for disrupting play which results in the team gaining control of the ball resulting in a change of possession. A CT may be awarded to the player if they perform any of the following actions resulting in a change of possession: stick check, interception, blocked pass or shot, drawn charge. 


A penalty should be recorded each time play stops and a penalty is called.